The best destinations for travel in 2021

Destinations that are must-see next year and should be international hotspots by the end of the next decade. We confer with our network of tourism experts around the world as we dream up a shortlist of destinations that have captured our attention and imagination. This time, however, we’re taking a different route-not only thinking about where the inspiring and upward trend will be for the coming year, but also about which places are destined to become international hot spots by the end of the next decade. If you want to see reviews of today’s travel destinations, you can find them at

Sydney, Australia

Cityscape of Sydney, Australia with the Harbor Bridge and Sydney skyline during sunset. Recreation and travel in Australia. For years, Melbournians have come to their hometown of fun, Australia’s most livable city, with cool bars and a restaurant culture that elevates both coffee and vegetarian fare. Sydney was like a show pony – a beautiful town, suitable for one-click camera shots, and not much else. But things were about to change: the beginning of 2020 marked the end of the state’s tough lockout law – a law aimed at curbing late-night alcohol violence – in Sydney’s Central Business District, which would inevitably breathe new life into flagship bar culture.


Somewhere south of the sand dunes of Morocco is the birthplace of Caribbean culture, a country where shiny bolts of fabric embrace its citizens, and the beat and scratch of live music underscore the symphony of bustling markets, the rumble of waves fit for surfing, and the howl of gray desert winds. With a new international airport, Dakar will be your staging post as passengers transit between continents, and a weekend away is all it takes to discover a capital ready to welcome rival cities abroad. 

Houston, Texas

Texas’ largest metropolis is poised to usurp the third Midwestern city in the next national census. With the population growing much faster than the No. 1 and No. 2 cities (New York and Los Angeles), who knows where Houston will be by the end of the 2020s. Sure, Los Angeles is known for its vastness, but Houston is not packed with oceans and canyons-even its most central neighborhoods are unusually roomy. In many ways, Houston is like Dubai, using its wealth earned from the region’s natural riches to import high culture, such as modern museums, into world-class performing arts centers.