Craps Rules

The noisiest tables, where you can constantly hear the moans of frustration or the laughter, are the craps tables. There is always an exciting crowd gathering around, the players are not ashamed of their emotions, and in their spirit and passion, craps is quite unlike other casino games. You can also choose online casinos at and experience the emotions of enjoying this game.

Craps is a really exciting game. It’s even been called the most action-packed game in the world. In craps, you can lose a huge amount of money in a few minutes. Likewise, it is possible to win. And it is much easier to do than at the roulette or poker tables. Many are distrustful of craps, believing that it brings casinos a disproportionate amount of income. In fact, the opposite is true: craps is in fact a very profitable game. With a sensible strategy, the “commission” charged by the casino is simply insignificant.

Craps is often referred to as a game of craps since it’s a game of dice, dice with dots from one to six. However, calling Craps a dice game is not entirely accurate, as dice are also involved in many other games.

The game is played on a craps table with high sides. This is the only game table, whose sides are so high – they prevent the flight of dice beyond its limits. The game can take part in a lot of players, most often up to twenty. One of the players rolls the dice, he is called Shooter, and the other players bet on the result of his throw. Their main task is to predict what combination is formed after the dice roll and make the appropriate bet.

Dice and Rolling Rules

The dice used in offline casinos are made of cellulose and are thoroughly tested after several rounds of play. After eight hours of use, the dice are replaced with new ones. Also, the dice must be thrown according to the rules, otherwise, you will be disqualified from acting as a shooter at the table. They can only be thrown with one hand. The dice must hit the board at the opposite end of the table. If the dice fly off the table, the dealer must check them and may re-set them at his discretion.

Determining the shooter

There can only be one shooter in each game round. When he loses, the dice are passed to the next player to the left of the loser.

How the game is played

The process of playing craps consists of two main stages: Come Out Roll and Point Roll. Consider them from the position of the shooter. Come Out Roll is the first roll of the dice to determine the number of points. The Point is fixed if the roll is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. In this case, the game moves to the Point Roll stage. If the first roll is 2, 3, or 12, the Craps situation is declared, the shooter loses and the right to roll the dice goes to another player.

On a roll of 7 or 11, the situation is called Natural, the shooter wins and rolls the dice again. At the Point Roll stage, the shooter continues to roll the dice until he gets the set number Point or 7. In the first case he wins, the game starts again and the shooter picks up the dice again. If the shooter rolls a 7, he loses and cedes the dice to the next player.

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