What to Do If Men Don’t Have Sexual Desire

It is believed that sex is not that important for women, but when a man stops showing his desire, it becomes a serious problem for his beautiful half. If a man was very passionate and temperamental before, and now intimacy has stopped his special interest, the first thing that comes to mind is the idea of infidelity. But if there is no real facts for doubt, those suspicions may safely be abandoned. In fact, there are several reasons why the man may decrease and even completely lose desire. Let’s look not only at them, but also choose the right way to solve them.  Conventionally we can divide such causes into physical and psychological ones.

The physical causes

And the main one is fatigue. This often happens when a man works a lot, or during periods of particularly important projects. Therefore, if for this reason a man has no desire, his beloved will need to make sure that at home he rested as much as possible or, as a last resort, to wait for a vacation and arrange a second honeymoon. Sexual activity is often reduced when a man is sick, and we are not talking about a cold, but more serious diseases, for example:

  • Endocrine system (including diabetes);
  • Genitourinary (prostatitis, urethritis, as well as hormonal disorders);
  • Cardiovascular.

To determine that the cause of reluctance are health problems, women must convince your favorite to see a doctor and undergo a complete examination, because timely and effective treatment will allow the couple to return to the relationship is not only spiritual but also physical intimacy. And before this, you can use special stimulating drugs, the most popular of which is Viagra, giving not only a stable erection, but also a stronger pleasure. You can buy such drugs here https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-classic-pack/.

Psychological factors

Psychological reasons for decreased potency in men are no less than physical ones, and even more, because in both sexes the desire arises primarily in the head. If a couple has lived together for a long time, their sex can become boring, without the effect of novelty. And if the woman also does not want to experiment in bed, it becomes another psychological factor in reducing male sexual activity. In both cases, the only way out – to bring variety to the relationship. You can do this in different ways – role-playing, using the assortment of sex shops, learning new positions, creating a special environment, that is, all that suffices for the imagination.

By nature men are visual, so when a woman puts on weight, stops looking after herself, appearing in front of her boyfriend in ugly home clothes, she loses in his eyes sex appeal, which becomes another reason for the lack of sex. Of course, to turn into a picture from the cover of the house is not quite necessary, but it is necessary to be beautiful even in maternity. And lastly, for a man to want a woman, she herself must have a desire for him.

In the sexual life of a man, there are two main problems – insufficient erection and ejaculation too fast. The first sometimes occurs due to lack of arousal, so a woman can help with this. You can buy special medications here https://svensktapotek.net/.